Pawsitively Heaven Pet Resort, Pet Boarding & Kennels, Chicago Ridge, IL

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10051 Kitty Avenue,
Chicago Ridge, IL 60415




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While They're With Us, Your Pets Are Family!

From the moment your dog or cat checks in to Pawsitively Heaven Pet Resort he or she becomes an honorary member of our PHPR family; a family that first and foremost makes sure the welfare and safety of its members is reality, not just an idea.  The dogs’ boar
ding suites (no crates here!) were built with the best materials for their comfort and safety; suites are tiled and doors have full-length glass so the dogs can be easily monitored.  

Guests are walked five times per day and are given romp time in our 40,000 square foot exercise yard, either alone or with other dogs, depending on temperament. Our yard is carpeted with artificial turf which does not harbor pests. We are able to accommodate day boarders, too, who receive the same privileges as our overnight guests; when the weather is warm they can wade in outdoor pools, play agility games and also use the exercise yard.

The all-new construction features built-in sanitation and cleaning systems from SMT technologies and electronic air cleaning systems so there are never unpleasant odors. Pets’ food and water bowls are sanitized in a dishwasher after every meal; we truly believe that cleanliness is next to Dogliness! TV sets have been installed in every suite and broadcasts animal-related subjects so each guest can watch a favorite show while relaxing.

We Love Kitties, Too!

When it comes to boarding kitties we know what makes cats comfortable and happy.  Boarding suites have been designed like townhomes with multiple levels, there’s a huge aquarium and several greenhouse windows for catnaps while sunbathing. Kitties also take individual turns roaming the Cattery throughout their stay here.

Whether you’re a dog- or a cat-person, you know your pet will have the finest boarding experience at Pawsitively Heaven Pet Resort, Inc.

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