Besides the requirements listed below, additional  conditions are to be found in our

New Client Application which must be filled out and submitted before your animal can

be accepted as our Boarding or Daycare guest. Please read it carefully before

submitting. Thank you.




All pets must have proof of a current rabies vaccination


We strongly support the 3-year rabies and distemper vaccines


Titers testing for distemper is accepted.


Negative fecal test within 6 months of your pet’s first boarding or daycare visit

and repeated every 6 months thereafter.


Bordetella vaccine is not required; the decision is between you and your vet.

If you decide to administer this vaccine you must have it done at least 7-10 days

prior to your dog’s visit here. 


Each dog must pass a temperament test before attending daycare.



Cats are required to have a current rabies vaccine and proof of at least one

distemper vaccine.


We strongly recommend that your cat get the 3-year rabies, which can be

administered if the cat has already had a one-year rabies during its lifetime.


Negative feline leukemia blood test or vaccine  is required.


We do not board cats on any medications. 


Titer testing accepted for both dogs and cats.


Guest Requirements:


site visits since 10-15-16

Get your dog an orthopedic bed for home
just like the ones in our suites
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