What our Clients Say:

Mary N.


My dog is taken such good care of there it's beyond comforting. Knowing he is in safe hands and loved makes me keep coming back. I would even go so far as to say he is spoiled there :) The wonderful staff goes above and beyond to help the clients' animals, homeless animals to get adopted or foster homes, and involve the community in fun activities. Judi is a godsend and I am so happy I found them.

Eileen F.


I cannot say enough good things about Pawsitively Heaven! There is no better, safer, caring and loving place to take your fur babies when they need to be boarded while you are on vacation. 

We have been boarding our spoiled fur baby, Sunshine, at Pawsitively for the last several years. I never have to worry that she's being taken care of - not only that but she is truly loved by the staff. She actually looks forward to going! She knows those words - Pawsitively Heaven - her tail starts wagging a mile a minute and she stands by the door waiting to go.

There are no cages here. They have spacious rooms with comfortable beds. If you really want to spoil them, you can even order "hot lunch"! They make sure to give plenty of walks and play time. Also, if you're away for several days, there is a good chance you'll see your baby's picture posted on the Facebook page having fun. 

I wouldn't trust anyone else with our girl, and neither should you. If you're one of those people who always worries about the well-being of your dog while you're away, then get rid of all those fears and bring your fur baby here! 

We love Pawsitively for all they've done. They are irreplaceable.

Heather E.


This place is the ONLY place I would trust with my fur babies. They are wonderful!! We never have to worry about them. Did I mention my dogs LOVE it there?? The first time I boarded them there, we went early

on the last day to pick them up.

They came out and greeted us, then turned around and wanted to go back! That was enough for me to know that we would be back. They are awesome!!

Kristen M.


Do you ever hear those stories about the lives of famous people's pets? Like how they have TVs and acupuncture and all that? This is where a celebrity would keep their dogs. I was going to a wedding and was not going to be in any condition to drive home so my babies were going to stay this night at pawsitively heaven. There are three of them so I got the large room for the three of them to snuggle up in. When we dropped them off they had animal planet on in their room for them to watch. Seriously. During their stay they had a designated playtime for them to play with all the other little dogs.  There was a separate playtime for the big pups. Price isn't bad either. Only place I would board my dogs.

Cathy V.


We absolutely love Pawsitively Heaven Pet Resort! They treat our Golden Doodle Murphy like the prince he thinks he is!
All of the employees are so dedicated and love the animals. The owner Judi has done a remarkable job.
This place is a real Gem!
Thank you for being so caring!
Love you all!



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